The year 2023 marks the bicentenary of both Ann Radcliffe’s death and two major publications for Mary Shelley: the first edition of Valperga and the second edition of Frankenstein, which bore her name. The 200th anniversary of such significant moments for these two women writers is made all the more poignant because the year falls between important bicentenary dates for some of the most widely celebrated Romantic men: the death of Keats in 2021, P. B. Shelley in 2022, and Byron in 2024. The ‘Gothic Women’ project will organise a conference in 2023 to celebrate Radcliffe, Shelley, and other Gothic women writers.   

In the build-up to that conference, the ‘Gothic Women’ project hosts a curated online seminar series, which started on Mary Shelley’s birthday in August 2021. This series showcases exciting new strands of research on ‘Gothic Women’, bringing scholars into conversation with creative writers and artists. Featuring established, early career, and postgraduate scholars, our events showcase the diversity of women’s Gothic writing in the Romantic period and beyond. We aim to examine the different ways in which their work thinks about questions of self-definition in a time of crisis, challenging mainstream narratives, including those of nationhood, gender, sexuality, and race.

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